"Don't you wish you had a Sweetie Wheatie to sit upon your knee...I take him everywhere I  go...to cuddle up with me."‚Äč

OFA Certified Dogs

Why are Soft Coated Wheatens SO EXPENSIVE?

Non-shedding Hypo-allergenic breed is one Big factor. Breeders like my self put a lot of time and money into their lines to provide you with the best quality puppy.

Here are a few expenses:

  • Health screenings
  • DNA Testing, PLE & PLN tests
  • OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, CERF Canine Eye Registration Foundation
  • AKC Registration of litters
  • Docking Tails, re-moving of declaws and other Vet expenses
  • AKC Dog showing expenses 
  • Training
  • Stud Fee

To Provide You with Years of Companionship & Enjoyment!


Throughout the many years of being a breeder I have met so many wonderful families - the stories they share, telling me the joy I have brought to their family, has been overwhelming. As a loving caring breeder, I can only have so many dogs, luckily I have been able to have the partnership with a great breeder to keep a good healthy line going!


I have been a Certified dog groomer since 1999 and have shown many breeds in US. I finished my education in the field of Veterinary Technology. Our dogs are a part of my family, they are not kennel dogs. I raise happy, healthy puppies that are AKC registered and OFA certified, Show or Pet Quality Puppies.


I am a hobby breeder of Wheaten Terriers & Miniature Parti Schnauzers located in MA. My puppies are raised in my home, so that they are socialized from birth. My priorities are Health, Temperament, and finding loving responsible homes (please do not be offended, but the puppies are sold to homes that I feel comfortable placing an animal with).


Soft Coated Wheatens & Miniature Schnauzers have hair, rather than fur. They also have a single coat which is non-shedding (this is more easily tolerated by people with allergies).


We have two coat types in the Wheaten Terrier - American Soft Coat and Irish Coat. They both require regular grooming, both are single coated non-shedding. All wheatens are born brown with black tipping. The Irish coat is less full layers closer to the body this is wavy soft and silky (easier to maintain). The American soft coat type is also soft, very full, but requires frequently combing out more grooming.


The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a happy, friendly dog of medium height and weight. A male shall be 18 to 19 inches at the withers and a female 17 to 18.  Dogs should weigh 30-35 pounds. Wheatens are non-shedding and hypo allergenic...great for people with allergies!

OFA Certified Dogs

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers & Miniature Parti Schnauzers

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K&K Hillside Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

& Miniature Parti Schnauzers


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